Keepsake Ideas

Parents of children receiving Leading to Reading postcards have shared several fun and unique ways to use the postcards in scrapbooks or as keepsakes. Take a look through the ideas listed below and then feel free to share how YOU use the Leading to Reading postcards!

– After the monthly postcard arrives in the mail, take a photo of your child with the recommended book for his/her age. Then fasten that photo in a scrapbook next to the postcard. It will be a great keepsake to look back on how your child grew month after month and what books they were reading!

– Buy a copy of the book suggested for each month and attach the postcard and a photo of your child at that age inside the front cover. This will build a wonderful library for your child to enjoy as they grow and then share with their own children in the future.

– Punch holes in the edge of each postcard so that you can tie them together with yarn or a pretty ribbon. You could also attach a photo of your child at that age on the back of each card or jot down some notes about something he/she was doing at that age that you’d like to remember.

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