Leading to Reading Reviews

“The cards served as a good reminder to me, to slow down and talk about the stories, make believe/pretend, ask “what if” questions more. Thank you for letting us be a part of the program.”

“I thought it was a great program. It was fun getting a card every month and gave us a new book to look for at the library. Keep it up!”

“The Leading to Reading program was great. My kids loved getting mail with their name on it and I was able to encourage them to check out age appropriate books!”

“I think that it is a wonderful program to promote reading in early childhood.”

“It is a great program! It helps us to find books that are age-appropriate.”

“Children love to receive postcards in the mail addressed to them. These postcards help to build a positive relationship between children and the library.”

“The kids loved receiving the fun colored postcards. Wonderful – keep up the great work!”

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